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Ever Healthy, originally known as Home Tone, was started in 2018, by Omar and Kristy Hart, as a solution for Kristy's rising blood pressure and need for an active lifestyle. Going to the gym was difficult with her schedule and a little too expensive. By setting Everyday Movements to original music by Omar, and creating a routine that worked every muscle group, the original Home Tone workout was born. 

This 28 minute routine provides a total body workout without leaving home or buying special equipment.
Putting their complete workout routine including a version in Spanish on DVD was their first big accomplishment. In addition to the group Team Tone routine,  a Personal Trainer option is included for those needing a slower pace with a bit more instruction presented in Mandarin as well.

Spreading the word throughout their community at health fairs and church demonstrations allowed many to experience the movements and purchase a DVD of their own.

After one year of prepping and planning, and being postponed for rain- we hosted our FIRST 5K.
Adding an After Party event made it unlike any other 5k in the area.


The week following the 5K event, the world shut down due to COVID. During the next year, Omar worked to gain his personal trainer certification by which he can lead routines coordinated with his original music. Starting a YouTube channel allowed people to access free workouts from home. 
Creating their own platform was next on the list, so with the help of 13 talented trainers, they began to expand the video library. 


Now to find the right vocalist to bring the music to life! Presenting this opportunity to talented students allowed them to compete and see who would be the winner of the Singer Search! Through 5 rounds of singing, writing, and playing music, these talented young ladies gave it everything they had. 
FINALLY- we have our vocalist!


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