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STRENGTH TRAINING- Bodyweight Glutes


Warm Up- 3 Rounds Jumping Jacks - 20 Rest for 20 sec Running in Place 45 sec Rest for 20 sec Jump Rope 45 sec Rest for 20 sec Be sure to control the movement during every repetition. Slow on the way down, squeezing on the way back up. All reps listed are per leg, so be sure to do both sides as best you can. Complete 4 rounds. Body Weight Reverse Lunge -10 Reps each leg Rest for 30 sec Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat – 10 Reps each leg Rest for 30 secd Floor Glute Kickback -10 Reps each leg Rest for 30 sec Squat Jump - 10 Reps Rest for 30 sec Cool Down Hold each exercise for 10-20 seconds and do 3-5 rounds of each. Seated Hamstring Stretch 2 Static Hip Flexor Stretch Touch toes stretch



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