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Janet Lyle

Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Glute Specialist
Certified Sports Nutritionist
Weight Management Specialist

Hi, my name is Janet. Let me tell you about my Fitness Journey and why I decided to become a Personal

Trainer. I am a single mother of two beautiful young queens and the daughter of two great parents. My

older brother and I take great care of my parents but watching them suffer from avoidable diseases

scared the life out of me.

To put that burden on my children was not an option for my future or my children’s future. So I changed

my lifestyle and went to WORK. My goal as a Personal Trainer is to teach and educate as many people as I

can about the importance of overall health and fitness. DO NOT allow avoidable diseases to take over

your life!!!! WORK HARDER!!!! PUSH HARDER!!! PERIOD!!!!

Janet Lyle
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