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Kyron Jones

Weight loss, Corrective Exercise, Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, Plant-based Bodybuilding

When I first began noticing that I was overweight, I was totally lost and confused as to how I let myself go and how I would start my journey of getting rid of my unwanted weight. I wanted nothing to do with a gym but decided that I had no choice if I wanted to live and actively be involved with coaching my sons’ sports. After I surprised myself by accomplishing what I thought was the impossible, I decided to become a certified personal trainer. I wanted my friends, family and entire community to experience the great feeling of reaching your weight loss goals by working out and eating healthy. I am now 16 years into this rewarding career and never looked back. I am extremely dedicated and have always had the natural knack to connect and motivate others in reaching and exceeding their own expectations. I’m excited and ready when you are!

Remember that health is your wealth!!

Kyron Jones
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