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Get ready to elevate your overall health with


Our online routines combine music and movement to get you feeling energized.

Become the healthiest version of you!

Beats & Body Program

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Using GarageBand on your iPad, iPhone, or computer, the color-coded blocks make different beats from all genres. Follow along with me to learn how I build these beats so you will be able to make your own.

Each 5 minute routine is set to the tempo of these beats, getting a little faster along the way. These routines allow you to improve your strength, conditioning, and expand your mind.




Do you have a lot going on, like to procrastinate, or tell yourself you don't have time?
Beats & Body is a great way to add a fitness routine.

You can find five minutes for fun, to kill calories, and build your stamina

I would like to offer 2 FREE routines so you can get started right away.

I want the 2 free routines!

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Omar & Kristy Hart


This power couple wants to bring a fun and unique approach to exercise that incorporates original music and a variety of routines.  

Starting in 2018 as Home Tone, LLC, with their total body workout using household items and hosting a 5k in 2020, they have been leading the way to the next level of fitness. This program was a life changer for many in our community before and during the pandemic.

Now we want to level up by adding a featured musical artist to motivate the younger demographic focusing on overall health.

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